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3D mobile phone shell materials and solid principles

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

Grating is to combine digital technology with traditional printing technologies, in aspecial show different special effects film. In the flat-panel display lifelike stereo world, smooth animation of the movie, incredible magic effects. Is a strip of gratinglens plate, when we look from one side of the lens in the past, you will see the flakes on the other side of a thin line on the images, and the position of this line is restricted by the observation angle. If we put this number on different lines on the image, which corresponds to the width of each lens, both as a line arrangement in the order printed on the sheet of grating on the back when viewed from different angles through the lens, you will see a different image.

According to research, we human of eyes in observation a three dimensional objects Shi, due to two eye level separate in two a different of location Shang, by observation to of objects image is different of, they Zhijian exists with a like poor, due to this like poor of exists, through human of brain, we can was a three dimensional world of depth stereo changes, this is so-called of stereo Visual principle. According to the theory of stereo vision, if we can make the left and right eye sees two images taken at different locations, from which we should be able to feel a solid three dimensional space of two images. From the preceding analysis, we can know thedifferent point of view and will be able to see different images. If we place the grating perpendicular to the two eyes, due to different eyes of grating light and eyeswill see two different images, resulting in the icing.

For best stereo effect, I usually just to make two images, but with a set of stereo image sequences, and given the circumstances, based on location, as long as boththe two images in the sequence, you can feel the three-dimensional effect.

Will grating flat placed two eye between, note two eye light gate of line lines angle to keep parallel, thus two eye see of is with a image, if image is by a column continuous animation by constitute, so dang eyes upper and lower mobile or put grating upper and lower turned Shi, eyes and grating of angle will occurred changes, we also will see a received a of continuous image, that see a animation or variable painting of effect.