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How to buy a good mobile phone leather case

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

With  now  high-end  intelligent  phone of popular, has  is staff one or more Department are insufficient for its has, so around of accessories phone skin sets had to hot, certainly market Shang like this class products is too more,  this will see which home of design or quality can attract to you of eye has,  skin sets no longer only is protection phone has,  but decorative phone, landscaping personal,  on overall image up landscaping,  skin sets is a jewelry, so the how selected phone skin sets do for jewelry,  to up to good of landscaping while and losing phone of fine and feel does?

Mobile phone leather side reflects the feel good or bad a very direct feeling, many beautifully patterned product is positive do to attract the customers eye, sides and interior materials and workmanship are very general, and truly reflect the difference is side and inside the side and, if you are doing a fine, not to mention the positive. Some cell phone Holster model is ambiguous, that is typical of low quality products, with finger-nails scratch where the parting line, poor sense of smaller works, the better. Addition side General is points die of place, points type line of processing directly decided has products of grade, eye see, if Flash on uneven, work good of products, paragraph poor to control in 0.02mm within, a root hair silk of diameter is 0.1mm, a Zhang notes paper of thickness General is 0.1mm, is equivalent to 1/5 of hair silk diameter or 1/5 of notes paper of thickness. If all have to watchvery carefully to see the parting line, it is working very good products.