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How to clean a cell phone protector

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

Like bumpers are dirty, what will happen? Recently bought cell phone accidentallya small stain do? Bai electronic products to introduce to you some tips on cleaning bumpers.

Bumpers now vary in materials and processes, cleaning bumpers need according to its material quality is concerned. Metal bumpers, small stain looks directly flushwith water or a tiny bit of shower gel (to remove the effect of perspiration) and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Second series silicone iPhone cover, material of this phone protective shells on the market share is quite large, and such protection if the dirty detergent or SOAP, without too much corrosive cleaning products to clean, thenrinse with water. Third is the material of leather phone protective case with a soft cloth dipped in some special leather cleaner and gently wipe. Of course if is very dirty, it is recommended to professional cleaning shops cleaning or just buy a new one. Forth is to use an eraser, eraser can be used as stationery not only, can also be used as cleaning supplies I think we all know, it can also be used in cleaning bumpers.

Cleaning bumpers tips above did you remember?