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Maintenance method of leather phone case

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

For the cleaning tool required: cotton swabs, a dry cloth, leather maintenance oil, sponges, toilet paper, detergent.

1. stains cleaning method: if it is run into sticky stains, which is the need to use a little detergent, cotton accounts for little evenly onto the stain, you can achieve the effect of removing stains.

2. in case of water or beverage of the cleaning method: If you accidentally speak in life drinks while waiting for the spilled liquid on the genuine leather phone case,everyone with a sponge or tissue dilution water, with detergent into the stain (if it is, you do not need to use the water cleaner), and then let it dry naturally on the line. Leather iPhone case must not be cleaned with water, because it is not wet, soiled water in wet weather is easy.

3. If a genuine leather phone case is frequently used, recommended maintenanceonce a week, wipe a hand with a leather oil casing, so that not only can simple cleaning, can also add brightness to the casing, casing is not easy to wear.

4. If leather phone case dropped water stain, you must not be in the Sun or dry, itwould greatly short service life.

5. If it's lazy friends usually do not apply when using a mobile phone bag, leatherphone case is well protected.