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Simple method of cleaning and protecting leather

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

As the 21st century enters the technological age, the rapid development of the electronics industry, smartphones, tablet computers becoming more and more common for digital products. Love fashion do you also worry about the love of surfacedamage of the machine, if we can choose a good protective sleeve to protect it not only not damage but will add a color, there are more recent iPad leather case. IPad protection applies long hard to avoid getting dirty, after all, a good bit of sleeve nor cheap, following leather to introduce you to a few iPad leather case how to maintain and clean!

First:a simple cleaning method

After remove the Holster, Holster leather stain the surface, then you can apply neutral detergent to wipe with cotton light off, if there is any glue and other hard to clean dirt, washed in white Lake oil or alcohol.

Second: use professional cleanerLeather Holster in addition to using the above method, over a period of time afterthe surface of the skin is not glamorous. Today's professional leather cleaning products generally use leather soft cleaner. This detergent with decontamination andsoft, no solubility, does not damage the leather does not affect the original leatheror brightness features, environment and maintenance of leather has a good effect.

Third: note you cannot wash

Where leathers are breathable, washed leather, easy to cause water to enter the leather interior, impregnating leather can't see the Board, cardboard softened, stored in an airtight place will mildew, to Holster is not too long.