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Talking about the cell phone Holster styles

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

With a variety of digital products in today's market leading position in all types ofdigital products, cell phone holsters are also very popular. Not only many styles designs are completely open, relative to the style of a single silicone sleeve, work hard of business professionals prefer to use generous decent Holster, and fashion-minded young investors, holding color appearance of a single mobile phone is something naughty for them. Cell phone Holster styles can be divided into several.

One, waist:  the waist holster is popular for many years,  prior to the application ofpractical cell phone small,  like today's popular  big-screen hang up phones, after all, is no longer appropriate nor convenient.

Second, surround: just as some silicone and plastic shells, can only cover the fourcorners and the bottom, it is more convenient to use as well as silicone and waterproof performance is better.

About three, opening and closing paragraphs: this cell phone Holster was designed with support functions,Protective sleeve will be more comprehensive protection including screen can alsoreduce the fuselage damage.

Four, and the opening and closing paragraphs: this phone is the feel of the leatheris a bit like a flip phone, such as big-screen phone with a Holster is not very convenient, but can play a good role in protecting.

More models are less than is different, if you buy or watch a personal joy and advantage of portable leather is chic, elegant, do not wear cell phones, good heat dissipation.