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You have to know the mobile phone maintenance tips

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

First, the use of cell phone Holster or case

Protection equivalent to the mobile phone more a crash helmet, can effectively reduce the mobile phone casing wear in case of falls or water to alleviate the damagesuffered by mobile phone. Of course, this does not mean that the phone and theprotective sleeve will fire after invading, when placed in use and continue to maintain a certain degree of caution, avoid cell phone damage. If too phone Holster isnot conducive to the summer heat can buy some good quality water or Crystal shell, mobile phone can play a protective role.

Second, stay away from high temperature and electromagnetic environment

High temperatures or sudden changes in temperature and other factors, is causedby cell phone use of shortened life expectancy "natural enemies". High temperature will make the phone inside the plastic parts, circuit boards, battery distortion, even melting, while changes in temperature can lead to condensation of moisture intrusion of cold air inside the device, damage, corrosion, circuits and batteries. Especially Sun direct, has may caused battery explosion, dangerous, while phone internal component also will because high temperature and reduced life, phone through wireless signal spread voice, itself has magnetic, while regardless of is audio also is microphone are covers electromagnetic principle, so not let phone often contact more dust of place, so as not to phone Horn sound hole inhalation too much of dust, caused phone receiver voice variable small, even listening to not to.

Third, avoid damp environments

Cell phones, as a high-end communication products, there are a lot of precision components, once metals from water or damp extremely easy interface, circuit boards, rusting and short circuit. So try to avoid the sea, rain and fog, damp environment using mobile phones, in particular, to prevent rain touched the phone's surface. While people prone to sweating oil. When you answer the phone, cell phone faceplates are often in contact with face, grease and sweat will pollute the phone's surface, or even damage internal circuits. Meanwhile, large amounts of grease, sweat absorbing dust and dust intrusion on the use of cell phones pose a threat to life.

Four, pay attention to carry modes and methods

Everyone carries around mobile methods vary, but many will make the mobile phone casing damage likely to increase, for example, has used his cell phone in his pants pocket next, if you don't watch out when sitting close to, or phone being squeezed while falling to the ground while walking would cause injury of cell phones. Some people in the breast pocket, but accidentally when bent over and it will fall on the ground. While most women used to put the phone inside a carry-on bag, andone of the keys, make-up items in the moving process will continue dawdling phone shell caused severe wear.

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