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Application Of Leather Phone Case

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

Various types of bumpers, leather is also very popular. Relative to the style of a single silicone sleeve, work hard of business professionals prefer to use generous decent Holster, and advocating the recreation of young investors, holding color appearance of a single mobile phone is something naughty for them. 

Cell phone holsters are generally divided into two kinds, one is popular for many years waist holster, application type is more common; and another is the portable Pocket Holster, Samsung, Apple and other high-end models. Both look different, but the manufacturing process is the same. Advantages of portable leather is chic, elegant, do not wear cell phones, good heat dissipation, but not waterproof, leather case and if too large to put in the Pocket, carry some inconvenience. 

Leather quality is uneven.Although leather is everywhere in the booth, but a penny a goods, the goods cannot be used more than 10 leather, mostly leather or fake leather, will soon be cracking open. Leather is durable, longer service life, costs a lot of money, of course, price is generally dozens of Yuan to hundreds of Yuan.