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Detailed Description Of Non-woven Shopping Bags Of Several Types Of Printing

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Detailed description of non-woven shopping bags of several types of printing

Non-woven shopping bags have become the mainstream of the current market, environmental protection bag, whether it is educational institutions, FMCG, building materials or real estate and other industries in the marketing are invariably non-woven shopping bags as advertising bags. In order to meet the needs of different customers, environmentally friendly bags of printing methods, including advanced watermark printing, environmental mortar printing, high thermal transfer printing, mortar foam printing and hot ink printing. Here are the following description of these types of printing:

Advanced water slurry printing is the most traditional printing process, the water slurry is transparent, can only be printed on white and other light-colored fabric, because the printing effect of a single, once faced out. However, the recent trend from the international popular printing point of view, water-based printing technology technology has become a choice for fashion designers, because of its feel super soft, breathable, expressive and rich and popular.

Environmental rubber mortar printing is characterized by strong hiding the color, suitable for printing lines clear, neat edges, sets of accurate fashion printing patterns, and more for high-end fashion, T-shirt printing, the most suitable for the fabric. After printing need to go through high temperature ironing stereotypes in order to get soft feel, strong flexibility, good color fastness of high-grade printing works.

Heat transfer printing is a new type of printing process, transfer printing itself has a dozen different technologies, commonly used is Offset printing, print out the photo-level delicate effects, suitable for printing photos, meticulous gradient transition color. But the disadvantage is the production volume requirements larger, generally more than 2000 to achieve economic costs. Heat transfer printing for cotton and non-woven fabrics, can greatly improve the environmental protection shopping bags of product quality.

Mortar to join the foam material, after printing through high temperature ironing of the printing parts of the emergence of three-dimensional sense of the current year, the latest foam process can be in the process of color separation, the use of layered, color foam, highlighting the strong three-dimensional and Feel.

Hot ink printing is mainly used to print exquisite animals, stars, animation games and other fashionable chic high-definition pictures, as well as right angle, fillet and the use of different printing process to form a thick version of the special effects.