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Development And Application Of Mobile Phone Shell Material

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

Direction for future cell phone case has two: one is the surface metallization of plastic mobile phone case become the mainstream of mid-range phones, another is the proportion of metal mobile phone case will be higher, particularly in the field of high-end mobile phones.

Metal mobile phone shell plastic case has more advantages. First is the metal cell phone case can be thinner and lighter, because the higher strength than plastic ofmetal. Light is currently the mainstream, followed by good heat dissipation, power consumption in a mobile phone and higher, Some phone used low-grade of 0.18 micron process of chip, such of phone in calls Shi if used plastic shell is completely has may hot, and metal shell thermal effect better have more;again is electromagnetic radiation, metal shell of electromagnetic radiation shield undoubtedly than plastic good have more, radiation more less, on will on human health more favourable; last is environmental, metal shell is can recycling using of, and plastic cannot recycling using, natural state Xia to for decades years to completely decomposition, pollution big. But metal mold cycle is long, high material costs, operation range,low yields, which determine metal housing for those varieties, shipments of advanced handsets and Smartphones

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