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How Is The Non-woven Shopping Bag Waterproof

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

  How is the Non-woven Shopping Bag waterproof

  Now on the market of Non-woven Shopping Bag and bags, the quality is very good, the price is not high, but basically have the role of waterproof. So, how about the waterproofing of these similar bags?

  Many people may know that nonwovens is a kind of environmentally friendly breathable materials, the natural environment is relatively easy to break down, usually Non-woven Shopping Bag factory are directly used to make this fabric products, the general printing process silk screen or offset printing, these two There is no special change in the printing process for nonwovens. For environmentally friendly ink printing, the green bag through the washed pattern will be washed after washing out.

  Non-woven film is a different from the screen printing production process, which is characterized by printing patterns can achieve the effect of photo-level, can print a variety of complex color patterns, it is in the non-woven surface covered with a Layer of PP film, so that non-woven fabric in the firmness has also been greatly improved, while non-woven fabrics can also play a waterproof feature, the surface of the printed pattern will not be washed and faded.

  So, the actual role in this layer is that this layer of film, we usually use those environmentally friendly bags of the pattern will not fade, but also waterproof, largely rely on it in this play a real role.