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How To Clean Non-woven Shopping Bag Is Correct It

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

  How to clean Non-woven Shopping Bag is correct it

  Whether the non-woven bag in the end can be cleaned, there are two very different answers to this question. There is a part that can be cleaned, if you can not clean the repeated use rate will be greatly reduced solid can not be called green bags. There are some that can not be cleaned, Non-woven Shopping Bag after cleaning performance greatly reduced.

  Non-woven Shopping Bag in the end can not clean this problem can not be sure to answer, non-woven fabrics can be cleaned but can not be cleaned several times. Non-woven fabric itself has a waterproof cleaning is no problem, under normal circumstances Non-woven Shopping Bag are not easy to clean. If it is a new material of the non-woven bag buoyancy is also very difficult to clean, it is difficult to sink into the water, if it is recycled material Non-woven Shopping Bag due to the proportion of heavy material sink heavy sink into the water.

  Due to the characteristics of the nonwoven fabric, the tensile strength of the decomposed nonwoven fabric will be greatly reduced if the cleaning of the back to the accelerating molecules is repeated, resulting in the use of the fabric. If the nonwovens are really dirty, we can clean the clothes should immediately under the sun to prevent moisture into the molecules to accelerate the decomposition of molecules. So we use Non-woven Shopping Bag as far as possible to keep the cleanliness of Non-woven Shopping Bag, try to avoid cleaning. This will increase the repeated use of Non-woven Shopping Bag, increasing its environmental protection.