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IPhone Driving Demand For Mobile Phone Shell

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

Along with smartphones sold, Digital Terminal market smartphones and mobile digital products are replacement agitation, stimulate digital accessories market demand for mobile phone protective shells, emerging mobile shell production businesses have sprung up, wholesale store tens of thousands of all kinds of mobile phone shell, which makes mobile phone protective shells producers surge in orders. Digital smart phone part of the defect is in the popular poured oil on the market. For many years ago selling "iPhone4", holding the side of the phone call, will weakenthe signal intensity, affect call quality, in this regard, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said: "use case.

Because of the rapid development of information technology, the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone protective shells moment expansion of markets, but subsequent free mobile such as telecommunications increased, the condition of themarket also began to shrink. Now, with the "love crazy" and Android smartphonesrepresented the rise of digital products, mobile phone protective shells once again picked up a far more rapid fashion, as represented by the iPhone mobile shell phone case market will rise again. Mobile phone protective shells going beyond protecting the phone's role becomes an independent personality even carrying the carrier of culture. Phone cannot change the color, but shell according to the personal preferences free to design and change, and therefore popular. Crazy pop indexabnormal phone protective case sales, is beginning to form a stable market, its market value has reached billions of dollars, and some models of the market or even just start digging.