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New Landmark Developments--3D Mobile Shell

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

The emergence of 3D mobile phone shell for mobile shell bank is nothing short ofan epoch-making development!

In comparison to modern 3D mobile phone shell casing sold in the market than inpicture quality and quality are further overflights. Plane relative to the market to sell mobile phone cover, 3D Mobile Shell has a new 3D graphics, it can better demonstrate the modern pursuit of youth and beauty, the overall shape a horizon as theperfect image, perfect exchanges of technology and fashion. In terms of quality, without using like a silicone shell for a long time, body and the body to avoid "stuck like glue" effect, sometimes I have to get the phone "fly out of the cage" not whileCrystal shell because of their rigid, easy to collapse, may lead to a change of frequency. But 3D machine shell is selection has Germany imports of Bayer PC raw materials, easily pine flat, and size right, can said both has silicone shell and Crystal shell both of advantages, while due to while both has perfect of 3D image, let whole phone can is more of perfect and fashion, and greatly beyond has water shell of effect, became has today market Shang most perfect of protection shell products!