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Non-woven Shopping Bag Four Major Advantages

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

First, Non-woven Shopping Bags more economic effects: from the release of plastic limit order, plastic bags will gradually withdraw from the packaging of goods market, replaced by repeated use of Non-woven Shopping Bags. Non-woven Shopping Bags are more likely to print patterns than plastic bags and are more vivid in color. Plus can be used repeatedly, you can consider the addition of Non-woven Shopping Bags than plastic bags more beautiful patterns and advertising, because the use of wear and tear rate is lower than the plastic bag, resulting in Non-woven Shopping Bags but more cost savings, To more obvious advertising effectiveness.

Second, Non-woven Shopping Bags more solid: the traditional plastic bags, in order to save costs so thin material, easy to break. But if in order to make him more solid, it is necessary to spend more cost. The emergence of Non-woven Shopping Bags to solve all the problems of Non-woven Shopping Bags, tough and strong, easy to wear. There are a lot of film-free Non-woven Shopping Bags, but also has a solid, the more waterproof, feel good, beautiful appearance a bit. Although the cost of a single plastic bag up a little, but its life can be a Non-woven Shopping Bags arrived on the 100, or even thousands of thousands of plastic bags.

Third, Non-woven Shopping Bags more advertising effect: a beautiful Non-woven Shopping Bags, not just a commodity bag. Its exquisite appearance is more put it down, can be transformed into a simple fashion shoulder bag, a beautiful street scenery. Coupled with its solid, waterproof, non-stick hand characteristics will become the first choice for customers to go out, in such a Non-woven Shopping Bags, you can print your company's logo or advertising, the advertising effect is not It is true that the small investment into a big return.

Fourth, Non-woven Shopping Bags more environmentally friendly public value: limited plastic order issued, is to solve the problem of environmental protection. The use of Non-woven Shopping Bags, greatly reducing the pressure of waste conversion. So double known as the green bag, coupled with the concept of environmental protection, more able to reflect the image of your business, and the effect of the people. Thus bringing the potential value is not money can be replaced.