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Non-woven Shopping Bag How To Do Environmental Protection

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Environmental problems, has been China, and even the whole earth have been underestimated. And lead to more and more serious environmental problems of a major source of pollution, than white pollution. And produce white pollution, plastic is a major culprit. And we use the plastic products, the most frequent and more than plastic bags. And the largest place with plastic bags, but also over the supermarket and shopping malls.

Now, in the face of this big white pollution source, the best way to deal with is to find a new alternative to plastic bags. And now, the existence of plastic bags on the market alternatives, there are many kinds of material. For example, paper bags, non-woven bags, Oxford cloth bags, canvas bags and so on. Of course, to be exact, the real sense to replace the plastic bag, or to the number of non-woven bags bags. Because in terms of cost, in these kinds of materials inside the bag, only the cost of non-woven bags is the lowest. Well, now I will talk about some of the non-woven shopping bags.

First of all, to talk about is about the non-woven shopping bags of environmental issues. From the production of materials, non-woven shopping bags of materials and plastic bags of material molecular framework is the same. Often, that is what we usually call plastic. So the problem came, since the plastic bag is not environmentally friendly, then, non-woven shopping bags on what can be called as a green bag. In view of this problem, the vision package to dissect the environmental protection of non-woven shopping bags.

Returning to the question of the organizational structure of the molecule, though, the organizational structure of the molecule is the same, but they are not the same. In other words, the plastic bag is blown out, its form is a whole, the molecular density of the organization is relatively large, so this point, but also lead to the subsequent plastic bags are difficult to degrade after the biggest reason. While the general plastic bags to achieve complete degradation, it takes decades or even hundreds of years. The non-woven shopping bag fabric production process is blown out. Nonwovens production equipment by melting the plastic particles into liquid, and then through the equipment to spray the plastic liquid into the liquid, and then even in accordance with the thickness of the fabric made of non-woven fabrics finished. And the benefits of doing so is to greatly enhance the waste after the non-woven shopping bags can be quickly degraded, non-woven material bags, abandoned, in the natural environment, generally in a few months or within a year can be achieved Completely degraded effect. So, this is the biggest highlight of non-woven shopping bags environmental protection.

In addition, in addition to their molecular structure is not the same as the degradation rate is not the same, that is, the value of recycling in the above distinction. General plastic bags, we can use three times, it is already Amitabha Buddha. And our non-woven bags can be recycled dozens of times. Of course, the people we use are willing to spend dozens of times.