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Shopping Bag Environment Weihai And Design Classification

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

Shopping Bag environment Weihai and design classification

Shopping Bag, as the name suggests, is used to shop for shopping, the current market available Shopping Bag are: plastic Shopping Bag, non-woven Shopping Bag, paper Shopping Bag, cotton and linen Shopping Bag.

Environmental hazard

Each production of 1 ton of plastic, need to consume 3 tons of oil. China's annual waste with the garbage into the landfill waste accounted for landfill waste weight of 3% -5%, most of which is waste plastic Shopping Bag, especially the thickness of less than 0.025 mm ultra-thin plastic bags. [1] 

Waste plastics in natural conditions is not easy to degrade, resulting in long-term, potential ecological problems. One is discarded plastic packaging mixed in the soil, easily lead to soil compaction, affecting crops to absorb nutrients and moisture, resulting in crop production; the second is to abandon the land or water in the waste plastic packaging, animal as food swallowed, causing animals Death of the incident is not uncommon; Third, mixed with garbage in the garbage is difficult to deal with, mixed with waste plastic garbage is not suitable for composting, sorting out of waste plastics can not guarantee the quality and difficult to use. ,

Design classification

1, advertising Shopping Bag

Shopping bag advertising can use the limited area of the bag, to the world to spread business or product service market information. When the customer carrying a printed shop with Shopping Bag, walking through the streets, in fact, some beautiful advertising bags, and no less than the production of a good advertising signs, but the cost is relatively low.

2, knowledge-based Shopping Bag

It is to have all kinds of knowledge of the patterns, text, such as the world famous paintings, Chinese calligraphy, printed on Shopping Bag. This kind of Shopping Bag, not only to consumers in carrying goods to provide a convenient, and cultivate people's sentiments, people have a wonderful psychological feelings.

3, gift Shopping Bag

China is a ceremonial state, festivals, birthday congratulations, people always want to bring gifts "walking, walking" to contact feelings, contrast atmosphere. When the guests put the gift in the printed "wish you longevity", "wish the king happy" and other words to mention the shopping bag, the owner is not only a gift, but also some fun in the heart.

4, commemorative Shopping Bag

Such as the × × Art Festival Memorial, travel commemorative bags and so on. This strategy to meet people's commemoration of psychological and honor psychology, so that people in the shopping, there are some new feelings.

5, simple Shopping Bag

When the customer to buy miscellaneous things, need simple shopping bag dress, if the store can provide one, worry about the people, must be welcomed by consumers. Giving convenience, itself is an important obstacle to promotion.

6, fashionable Shopping Bag

People generally pursue a high standard of life, fashion goods leading the moment of consumption trends. When the community what "hot" when the store if the product patterns, promotional information printed on the beautiful Shopping Bag, is undoubtedly an important move to promote. When consumers see a hot shop for sale, it also produced a "unstoppable temptation."

7, environmentally friendly Shopping Bag

In today's society, the pursuit of low-carbon and low-pollution lifestyle, due to increased population, Shopping Bag demand is increasing, in view of the cause of a large number of pollution, now has enabled environmentally friendly Shopping Bag.