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The Problem Of Cracking Of Non-woven Shopping Bags

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

  The problem of cracking of non-woven shopping bags

  A lot of non-woven shopping bag manufacturers often run out of our production of non-woven shopping bags pocket edge is very easy to crack, do not have too much effort to gently tear a bag with the side to separate. How should we avoid our production of non-woven shopping bags will not appear such unqualified products do.

  In fact, the above reasons is not the reason for non-woven fabrics is not a problem with the production process. The problem is mainly in the way of sewing workers. We are in the production of non-woven shopping bags when the bag to the back of the pocket need to strengthen the strength of the pocket, but there are some workers on the way there is a misunderstanding, that the edge of the cut more clean and beautiful Well, it's not like that. Because we need to cut the needle after the cut cut, if we cut the flat cut with the same as the height of the pocket, equal to us before the needle to strengthen the solid are cut down, so it will appear this problem.

  To solve this problem is also relatively simple, let the errors of the workers to change the way to cut the edge of the package. First, when the needle in the inverted needle when the needle must be enough. Second, we cut the edge of the package when the needle can not be part of the cut together, the normal situation of the location of the cut should be higher than the non-woven shopping bags pocket three millimeters, so that you can ensure that the pocket Sex, but also does not affect the appearance.