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The Quality Of Non-woven Shopping Bag Worthy Of Attention

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

  The quality of Non-woven Shopping Bag worthy of attention

  With the Non-woven Shopping Bag in their daily lives, "scenes" more and more heavy, this type of product in the market more and more. After the number of more than one, there will inevitably be some quality problems. Shredded Non-woven Shopping Bag are not uncommon, this bag life is very short, easy to break easily tear, poor water resistance. In the strict sense, this bag and ordinary plastic bags and no essential difference.

  So, those who use Non-woven Shopping Bag as promotional gifts business, Non-woven Shopping Bag do not take any cheap, select produce skillful, well-equipped non-woven bag manufacturers, so as to extend the service life of the bag, so as to reflect the value of environmental protection The

  Of course, no matter how good things have to use a certain limit, Non-woven Shopping Bag as a good promotional gifts, many companies will choose it, beautiful appearance, the use of many times, advertising efficiency is good. But also because of this, the current bag seems to be a little flooding trend. Non-woven Shopping Bag Some companies feel that these bags spread, the more favorable their own, it made equal to the flow of ads, but it does not take into account the environment caused tremendous pressure, this will mean the loss of environmental significance.