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The Use Of Shopping Bags In Supermarkets

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

  The use of shopping bags in supermarkets

  Plastic bags in our lives are consumable products, and the most typical one is the supermarket shopping bags, which is the most closely related to our lives a plastic bag. According to the investigation of the relevant departments, the average daily consumption of plastic bags in China can be more than 100 million, and in these numerous plastic bags, supermarket shopping bags undoubtedly occupy the majority of the proportion, in the past because supermarkets free of charge a large number of plastic bags, resulting in the use of plastic bags without moderation, after the use of disposable discarded, and these plastic bags are difficult to degrade the material produced, so it is easy to the surrounding environment caused a lot of pollution, In fact, this is what we often call the main source of white pollution.

  Because of this, the Government and the relevant departments issued in 08, the prohibition of free supermarkets to provide ultra-thin plastic bags for the use of regulations, therefore, from the current vast majority of China's supermarket shopping malls, bazaars, and so on, it is difficult to see the use of ultra-thin plastic bags, shopping in supermarkets, the use of supermarket shopping bags are generally paid, need to charge.

  Now in many supermarkets, we often see the supermarket shopping bags, according to the classification of materials, there are two kinds of main, one is a padded vest bag, the other is, non-woven cloth environmental protection bag. At the time of shopping, consumers can freely choose two different kinds of supermarket shopping bags, whether it is a padded vest bag or non-woven cloth reusable bags can be recycled, so as to reduce the waste of disposable bags. At the same time, to a certain extent, conserve resources and protect the environment.