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The Value And Advantage Of Non-woven Shopping Bag

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

  The value and advantage of Non-woven Shopping Bag

  Non-woven Shopping Bag as a new environmentally friendly shopping bags in energy saving and environmental protection play an increasingly important role, the bags have good permeability, flexibility and better toughness is more prominent material is easy to break down the characteristics of Spinning is not as difficult as plastic bags, nonwovens in the natural environment can begin to degrade 90 days, every day in our lives by the shopping bag brought garbage is a very large number, if these shopping bags of materials Are some non-degradable materials will give our environment to bring a very serious damage.

  Non-woven Shopping Bag from birth to now have more than 10 years of history, from the beginning of the people do not understand him even exclusion to the present widely accepted, which can also reflect the concept of our environmental protection, with the industry Chain of perfect, non-woven bag prices than the beginning of a large degree of reduction, and now an ordinary non-woven bag price of 1 yuan or so, some non-woven bag style price will be a few cents or so. With the improvement of the printing process, a small Non-woven Shopping Bag in the advertising value of the rising, in the product promotion, the company's brand image of the spread of mobile billboards play the effect. A beautiful Non-woven Shopping Bag not only people put it down, but also to pass a green concept, now life needs green, life needs energy, we should start from the actual action to let the environment through our living habits. Let the green shopping bag reflect its value.