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What Are The Uses Of Plastic Shopping Bags?

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

  What are the uses of plastic shopping bags?

  Now we can often see a variety of plastic bags in life, of which the plastic shopping bag is a typical representative, according to different consumption needs of different shopping bags, enterprises and even individual businesses custom-made plastic bags is also so. What sorts of plastic shopping bags are used? Let's just get together and get a quick look.

  Pure plastic shopping bag is used for shopping malls supermarkets, stores and other operating consumer places, which is also our daily contact with the most, often go to the supermarket will also have to carry back one or two of plastic bags. Supermarket shopping bags are mainly played a role in facilitating shopping, as well as the dissemination of enterprise or product information services. Now there are many enterprises will choose to spend on the bag of Kung Fu, the production of sophisticated, to better display their corporate image, but also to form a good use effect.

  The second is the public-spirited shopping bags are often used, this is mainly relying on some text and knowledge patterns, such as the role of the dissemination of public service ads, can choose to some public welfare logo and promotional quotations printed on the above, in fact, this is not just a public service spread, but also can become a positive energy, such bags as shopping bags into the lives of ordinary people, its role is very obvious.

  In addition there are gifts gift-type shopping bags, the most common is real estate, banks and other enterprises customized plastic bags, non-woven bags, etc., these bags are used to give to customers. It is not so much the gift bag, but also the advertising bag, it is the obvious feature is to help enterprises to achieve propaganda purposes. This kind of plastic bag in the production is actually more fastidious, must be able to conform to the merchant own image, also must be able to fit the self-image propaganda demand to build. Usually take into account some gifts, so in the design of special attention, can let it bear very good gifts and publicity effect, is now a lot of gifts in favor of the choice, style and style are constantly improving and changing, has been very good development.