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Why Non-woven Shopping Bag Are So Popular

Dongguan Kinga Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

  Why Non-woven Shopping Bag are so popular

  Since 08, Non-woven Shopping Bag began to gradually replace the use of plastic bags, supermarkets also began to charge the plastic bags, use this way to promote more people to use Non-woven Shopping Bag. What are the characteristics of Non-woven Shopping Bag, and what are the benefits of using Non-woven Shopping Bag? Let's take a look.

  First of all, the Non-woven bag can be recycled, which is his greatest advantage, the traditional plastic bag is basically a one-off, some people may use a two or three times, and then lost. In this way, consumers will be caused a long-term, no end of consumption, many people do not like. and Non-woven Shopping Bag Although can not use a lifetime, but as long as the use of words can be used for many years, which is more economical.

  In addition, is now people are not very satisfied with the environment of survival, Non-woven Shopping Bag and flying in the sky is one of the plastic bags. So when you see a more environmentally friendly non-woven bag, naturally happy to accept.